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Tom NegrinoHi. I’m Tom Negrino. I’ve been writing about Macs, other computers, and software since dinosaurs ruled the earth. OK, it’s actually been since 1987. These days, I make my living writing books about computers and software.

I bought my first Mac in the fall of 1984, began writing software reviews and feature articles for the late MacGuide magazine, and started writing for Macworld shortly thereafter. I was a Contributing Editor at Macworld from 1990 through 2004. We parted on good terms, and I still write for them. Over the years, I’ve also written for most of the other Mac magazines.

I wrote my first solo book in 1994, and wrote my first commercially successful book in 1997, JavaScript for the Web, Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit Press), written with my then girlfriend and now wife, Dori Smith. That book has been in print ever since, though we’ve revised it many times to match the growth of JavaScript and other Web technologies (see the Recent Books page for the latest edition). I’ve written or co-written just shy of 50 other books, notably on Dreamweaver, Apple’s Keynote, CSS, and the Microsoft Office programs. Besides Peachpit, with whom I’ve done the vast majority of my work, I’ve done books for other publishers, including Dummies Press, Wiley, Microsoft Press, O’Reilly Media, Que, and IDG Books. Along the way, I’ve worked on other projects, such as software user manuals, white papers, and competitive analyses.

Dori and I were one of the first bloggers; our shared blog, Backup Brain, was first published in November 1999. I use Backup Brain to talk about stuff that publishers won’t pay me to write about, such as politics and home theater. The blog section on this site consists of my posts that are republished from Backup Brain. We were equally quick to pick up on Twitter; in fact, there’s more tweeting than blogging these days. Perhaps the pendulum will swing back. Of course, it’s impossible to ignore Facebook, and my tweets are automatically reposted as Facebook status updates. You can follow me on Twitter, or check out my Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn pages by clicking the appropriate icons at the top of the page.

In late 1999, we fled from Culver City in the Los Angeles area to Healdsburg, in the middle of the Sonoma wine country. It’s a better place to live in general and was a fine place to raise our son. Now that he’s grown, it’s just us. Since 2013, we greatly miss our very excellent cat, Pixel, who always made an appearance in each book. Of course Pixel has his own website, where he lives on.

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