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My newest book:

Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad:
An Essential Guide to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive
(Peachpit Press, August 2014)


This was a relatively quick book to write, after Microsoft came up with the excellent idea to port its big productivity suite to first the iPad (and several months later, too late for this book, to the iPhone). It was fun to write, mainly because of the differences between being so familiar with the Office products on the Mac and Windows desktops and explaining how they solved those problems for the touch interface. Microsoft uses their cloud storage product, OneDrive, to tie all the documents together, so that was another interesting fillip to teach.

This was a sad milestone in another way; it ended up being my last book for Peachpit Press, a relationship that went back almost two decades, because Peachpit’s corporate parent, Pearson, decided to let Peachpit die on the vine over the following year. Pearson laid off all the Peachpit staff in a series of waves, including some of the finest editors I have ever worked with. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know and work with them.

What I’m working on now (as of April 2015):

  • I am working on a major life transition. Writing is part of it, but will not be the focus. Yep, so mysterious. All to be revealed soon,

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