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Sep 28 2016

The Day I Was Miss Kentucky

I’ve never thought of myself as any great beauty. I can’t even go for the “ruggedly handsome” look. Yet there was a day in 1996 when the title of a beauty queen was kind of thrust upon me. It’s an odd story that involves the combination of my lifelong disability, my eternal willingness as a […]

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May 04 2016

I’ve had a big secret. Now I’m sharing it.

This post will upset many of you. I am sorry about that. I’ve been ill for quite some time, but I haven’t talked about it. Brace yourself for the really bad news. I’ve got cancer. It’s bad, and I’m not going to survive it. Back in late January 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 […]

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Mar 28 2016

Always in My Pocket

I’ve carried a pocketknife since the 1980’s. I wasn’t like most people, who pick up the habit from their dad or grandfather. I think (based on no real data) that carrying a knife is more prevalent if you grew up in a mechanically-oriented family, especially from the US South or Midwest. So for a boy from California, […]

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