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Dec 03 2016

That’s No Coke Spoon; That’s My Sister

Over the past few years, I’ve written memorial posts about members of my family that have died, notably my mother and father. But I haven’t talked much about my sister Patricia, whom we called Pattie (or sometimes Patty). She died in her sleep in 1998 when she was only 44 years old. Medically, she died […]

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May 06 2016

It’s Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Tom Today’s our 15th wedding anniversary. We’re celebrating it, more or less quietly, by going to dinner at one of the terrific restaurants here in town. I’m not exactly ready for a big blowout, considering I’m using a walker to get around at the moment (see the previous blog post to know more about my […]

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May 04 2016

I’ve had a big secret. Now I’m sharing it.

This post will upset many of you. I am sorry about that. I’ve been ill for quite some time, but I haven’t talked about it. Brace yourself for the really bad news. I’ve got cancer. It’s bad, and I’m not going to survive it. Back in late January 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 […]

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Nov 04 2015

It’s Our 16th Blogivarsary!

Tom Back in 1999, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, Dori decidedly to create this newfangled thing called a “blog.” Frankly, I was skeptical. “So you write stuff you want, on any subject at all, and random people come and read it?” “Yeah, that’s the way it works,” she replied. That didn’t sound quite right, but […]

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May 18 2015

60 Seconds of Change

I bought this T-shirt recently from Thinkgeek. It’s an homage to the original Macintosh television ad, aired during the 1984 SuperBowl, which I of course was watching live (I didn’t yet have a DVR, due to their not-yet-invention). The ad was directed by Ridley Scott, who had previously directed tiny art films like Alien and Blade Runner. I […]

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Feb 04 2015

Chinese Rug Story

We have two new additions to our home: two Oriental rugs that were originally owned by my grandparents. When my dad died in 2013, it took my siblings about a year to clear out and divide all the contents of two houses. One was the house in which we grew up, in Southern California. The […]

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Aug 30 2014

Remembering my dad, one year later

One year ago today, I was sitting in the back bedroom of my sister and brother-in-law’s home in Las Vegas. I was holding my father’s hand. And I saw his breathing stop. I ran out into the hall and called Marie and Phil to join us as my dad finished the journey he had been […]

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Aug 10 2014

Today’s sad anniversary

August 10 is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve written about her twice before, once on the 20th anniversary, and again just last year. I don’t have much to add to those posts, except that because of my father’s death last year due to cancer, and other challenges in my own life since then, […]

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May 06 2014

Happy Anniversary, Dori!

Then… And now… 13 years later, I’d do it all over again.

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Aug 10 2013

Remembering my mom

On this day, twenty-four years ago, my mother died. I miss her. She was killed by pancreatic cancer. Not the kind that ultimately killed Steve Jobs; that was the “good” kind, the one that, if you have the best of medical care and a bunch of luck, you can live with for another few years. […]

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