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Sep 28 2016

The Day I Was Miss Kentucky

I’ve never thought of myself as any great beauty. I can’t even go for the “ruggedly handsome” look. Yet there was a day in 1996 when the title of a beauty queen was kind of thrust upon me. It’s an odd story that involves the combination of my lifelong disability, my eternal willingness as a […]

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May 04 2016

I’ve had a big secret. Now I’m sharing it.

This post will upset many of you. I am sorry about that. I’ve been ill for quite some time, but I haven’t talked about it. Brace yourself for the really bad news. I’ve got cancer. It’s bad, and I’m not going to survive it. Back in late January 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 […]

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Aug 10 2014

Today’s sad anniversary

August 10 is the anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve written about her twice before, once on the 20th anniversary, and again just last year. I don’t have much to add to those posts, except that because of my father’s death last year due to cancer, and other challenges in my own life since then, […]

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Dec 26 2012

How do they even survive?

In the “Jeez, people are stupid” category, I was reminded yet again today how many folks just make you shake your head in amazement. I had a minor surgical procedure done earlier today. No big deal, but I’ve had a bad reaction (agonizing pain) in the past when it was done in the doctor’s office, […]

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Feb 16 2012

Virginia Republicans require women seeking abortions to be raped first

This is a transvaginal ultrasonic probe. Normally, it is a valuable diagnostic device that promotes women’s health. It is used by putting it into a woman’s vagina. The Virginia legislature now requires its use on women seeking abortions, whether or not she or her doctor agree, and for no medical reason. The only motivation for this bill is to obtain […]

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