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Mar 28 2016

Always in My Pocket

I’ve carried a pocketknife since the 1980’s. I wasn’t like most people, who pick up the habit from their dad or grandfather. I think (based on no real data) that carrying a knife is more prevalent if you grew up in a mechanically-oriented family, especially from the US South or Midwest. So for a boy from California, […]

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Nov 04 2015

It’s Our 16th Blogivarsary!

Tom Back in 1999, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, Dori decidedly to create this newfangled thing called a “blog.” Frankly, I was skeptical. “So you write stuff you want, on any subject at all, and random people come and read it?” “Yeah, that’s the way it works,” she replied. That didn’t sound quite right, but […]

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May 18 2015

60 Seconds of Change

I bought this T-shirt recently from Thinkgeek. It’s an homage to the original Macintosh television ad, aired during the 1984 SuperBowl, which I of course was watching live (I didn’t yet have a DVR, due to their not-yet-invention). The ad was directed by Ridley Scott, who had previously directed tiny art films like Alien and Blade Runner. I […]

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May 08 2014

My little Apple PR story

On the occasion of Apple PR VP of Communication, Katie Cotton, announcing her retirement from Apple, many commentators are recounting some of their experiences with Apple PR, which could often have the opposite effect of what a journalist expects. When I speak to a PR rep from most other tech companies, I usually end up […]

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Apr 08 2014

The Scam of “Choice”

Yesterday around dinnertime, there was a knock at my door. It was one of the neighbor ladies, and she was holding a clipboard. “Hi,” she said. “I’m circulating a petition for a ballot proposition for the City of Healdsburg.” “OK,” says I. “What’s it about?” “It would put water fluoridation in the City up for […]

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Jan 23 2013

Civility doesn’t come for free; or, hammer the trolls

Normally I don’t claim to be an Internet graybeard, because I tend to hang in circles where there are many people who have been doing this online stuff even longer than me. Still, I’ve been using online communications since the days of 1200 baud modems, which is way longer than most people I run into. […]

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Jul 23 2012

Get ready for Mountain Lion with my new ebook!

I’m pleased to announce availability of my latest ebook, “10 Things To Do Before Upgrading to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion,” from Peachpit Press. It’s a short ebook that I wrote last week, and it’s only $2! At the moment, it is only available from the iBookstore, but I hope to soon add links to […]

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Jul 14 2012

Fun with audio editing

Josh Marshall at TPM mentioned this ad first. In it, the Obama campaign has done a lot of audio post processing on Mitt’s voice, so that he sounds like he’s singing in places that are eerily empty and quiet. It’s as if Romney, like a Bond villain, was singing “America the Beautiful” ironically after he […]

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Jun 05 2012

Coming soon: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide

I’m happy to unveil the cover of our forthcoming book, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Visual QuickStart Guide (available now for preorders!). It’s a bit of a new direction for Peachpit covers. Unlike the previous editions of the book, this one has all of the screenshots in full color. There will be a companion getting started video available […]

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May 22 2012

The era of commercial space launches has arrived

To paraphrase our Vice President, the SpaceX launch of the world’s first commercial space vehicle (unmanned, but will be able to return cargo from the International Space Station) is a big f-ing deal. Their Falcon 9 launch vehicle performed as expected to get them into orbit, and so far the Dragon cargo (and later crew) […]

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