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From time to time, I’ve done a few essays. I like doing them; I keep meaning to write more, but never seem to find the time. These days, my non-computer writing can usually be found at Backup Brain, the weblog I share with my wife, Dori Smith. Backup Brain is one of the earliest blogs; we’ve been publishing continuously since November 1999.

Shorter writing and conversations with friends and followers appears in two forms: almost daily on Twitter, and often over on Facebook. You can see the most recent tweets here on this site, and they also update my Facebook status.

In the menu above, you’ll also find Tales From the Heart, my account of my little heart attack, and a page of family eulogies.

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Tales of the Heart

I wrote this piece and sent it out as e-mail after I had a small heart attack in July of 1995. I figured that it would be better for me to tell people what had really happened rather than have them hear about it through rumor. July 25, 1995 Friends, You might have heard by …

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Family Eulogies

My mother died in 1989. At her funeral, my sister and brother-in-law came up to me, handed me a sheet of paper, and told me to read the eulogy, because my dad was too broken up to do it. I looked over what they had written, and it was fine, but not what I would …

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