Aug 13 2011

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Our Worldcon Schedule

Between August 17 and August 21, we’ll be attending Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, in Reno. What started out as a pleasure trip has turned into business for both of us.

I’m speaking on three panels. Dori is representing her employer, Stack Exchange, which special emphasis on two Stack sites: Science Fiction and Fantasy and Writers. Stack Exchange is also sponsoring the Green Room for program participants. You’ll be able to find Dori roaming the halls with Stack Exchange swag, including shirts, stickers, and pens.

Both Dori and I will be making occasional posts on Stack Exchange’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Community Blog during Worldcon.

My panels are as follows (all at the Reno Convention Center):

Thursday, Aug. 18, 1 PM, Room C01:

Making It as a Full-Time Writer

In the 1940s and 1950s, writing SF paid a few cents a word and an apartment in New York was $100/month. SF — sometimes — pays a little more now, but … How does a part-time writer become a full time one? Can he or she do so? What are some of the differences for non-fiction writers?
Panelists: Carol Berg, Tom Negrino, Christina York, Bud Sparhawk, Dean Wesley Smith

Thursday, Aug. 18, 6 PM, Room A09:

Online Networking Before Social Networks

Before MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook, there were CompuServe, AOL, GEnie and USENET. Yes, people were married, divorced, friended and unfriended (remember kill files?) online before 2005.
Panelists: Walter H. Hunt, Tom Negrino, Brad Templeton, Lynn Gold

Friday, Aug. 19, 11 AM, Room A03

Social Media for Writers

Writers know the Internet, but not all writers take advantage of its full potential. With the evolution of Social Media, potential readers are only a click away. But what exactly is Social Media? At this panel, you will pick up the vocabulary and background of exactly what Social Media is, what it can do, and what it cannot do.
Panelists: Tee Morris, Tom Negrino, Rose Fox, Cory Doctorow, Brenda Cooper

Hope to see you there!

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